Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome to JPEG Radio

Welcome Everyone!
We are from Grade 3 at SPH Sentul. We are planning to create an online radio station. This blog will host our radio episodes. Our name is JPEG Radio. It means J - Jokes, P - Podcasts, E - Entertainment and G - God's Word. This name was created by the students and the mission statement was jointly written by them too.

We are currently organizing the company structure. Soon we will have a field trip to Radio Pelita Kasih where we will learn all about broadcasting.

After our field trip we will have a recruitment day in which all of the Grade 3 children will apply for a job in the company. Based on their interview the children will be given a job each in the company. Keep coming back to this blog for more updates. We can hardly wait until we make our first broadcast!

JPEG Radio